Say hello to Penny

I built Penny with Alex over 24 hours at Angelhack London in November 2012. It was judged one of the top 3 hacks and won us a 10-day trip to San Francsico to meet some amazing people at Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Not a bad return on a day's work.

Penny was a Google Chrome extension and web app that allowed a user to track when clothes they liked discounted. At the hackathon we built a working version and an explanatory website.

The concept worked like this: when you were on a site that Penny supported you could click a button in Chrome and a little fly-out dialogue would grab the details of the product and save them to your dashboard. On your dashboard you could manage what type of notifications to receive.

Part of the Angelhack challenge was to build something that felt like a "real" product and show how it could be marketed — in other words to code for the real world.

So we built a static site using Github pages and Jekyll that explained how Penny could work as a real product.