The Audience Project: A brand & static site in a day

Back in early 2013 Event.ly formed an internal team that went into research mode — figuring out how event organisers conceptualise, interact with and analyse their audiences. We needed a place to start sharing our findings.

Given the goal of the project wasn't only to produce a blog, we wanted to spend as little time as possible getting the site live and focus instead of the research. That said, I dislike Wordpress and wanted to do something a little more custom.

I turned to trusty old warhorse Jekyll and popped the site up on Github Pages. A few minutes spent teaching our community manager about Markdown and Git and hey presto we had a fully fledge blog in under a day.

I knew wanted to add some extra personality to the blog posts through illustration and had a gut feel that I wanted it to be loose and sketchy. As it turns out Sam does a nice line in these little ping-pong-ball-headed dudes. We added the watercolour style fills to add some colour.